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Nogalar was begun in 1965 by a group of women committed with the development of house maids. Since then we have been concerned with offering our students a comprehensive education with a high educational level. All this by relying on spiritual formation that promotes human and Christian virtues, entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei.

Nogalar extends literacy, primary, secondary and high school levels all with the official recognition of the Public Education Department. We also have computer classes, cooking and arts and crafts.

Registrations are open throughout the school year, there is a minimum cost and our schedule is in the evening, from Wednesday to Saturday at the Liceo de Monterrey facilities.Teachers, counselors and young students who practice their social service participate in this effort as do voluntaries committed to fulfilling the mission of Nogalar.

Our students get prepared everyday to finalize their schooling successfully so they can be ready to contribute positively in the community, in which they interact, influencing their social and family surroundings and the homes they work at.

Yearly at Liceo de Monterrey the students get involved in a fund-raising campaign to help support this work and some of them are even involved in the academic programs and activities.

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