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¿Single sex or mixed schools? This is a common question parents often raise about their children´s education. Contrary to what many think, single sex education offers important advantages over mixed education. Countries like Germany, Sweden, Great Britain United States, Switzerland and New Zealand, among others choose the former, even in public schools. What matters is that parents have the choice to decide what is best for their children.

The benefits that result from choosing differentiated education are usually positive and these range from personal to academic.

The differences between boys and girls belong to the natural and biological order but they directly lay in their personal, emotional and intellectual development. It is proven that their maturing process is different. The cerebral differences that happen inside the womb determine that girls mature biologically and psychologically earlier than boys.

Jay Giedd, a psychiatrist expert in children´s brain growth, member of the U.S National Institute of Mental Health in Washington, has proven that the parts of the brain in charge of the verbal skills, such as reading and writing, mature several years earlier in girls.

The difference in the maturing speed between boys and girls causes tangible differences in their academic achievement. It has been proven that the male cognitive development is slower in certain ages. From seven to sixteen years old girls excel boys intellectually, they are better at verbal skills. From the very first moment they take the lead in reading and writing.

The development in boys is slower but some school system don´t consider this. This causes many boys to fall behind on girls and suffer frustration and discouragement.

Boys and girls not only different  in their maturation rate, also in interests, games, hobbies, concerns, forms of socialization, externalization of feelings and reaction to the same stimuli. This causes differences in their way of learning. Several studies and teaching experiences show what is right and good for girls may be detrimental for boys and vice versa.

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