LiceoOur beginning

Nuestros inicios

Five married couples, with the desire to open a school that excelled in academics as well as one that offered an individualized integrated religious education, began what is now known as the Liceo de Monterrey.

The Liceo de Monterrey opened its doors in the school year of 1978-1979 with four elementary groups and three in kindergarten.  Eleven years later, the Liceo Prepa began with its first two generations.

“Any task done with perfection, with a sense of responsibility and professionalism is what you will find at the Liceo de Monterrey”, this has been the school’s philosophy since its foundation.  This statement only reaffirms the innovative thrust that the Liceo has always abided by in order to provide only the best service possible.  Therefore, this philosophy serves as an added value to the already outstanding educational model of the Liceo de Monterrey as well as a direct means to accomplish the struggle to be better, in order to serve better.

That is how the story of the Liceo de Monterrey began, and which now celebrates 35 years of education and service to our community.

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