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Starting this year, the Liceo de Monterrey is proud to extend its educational platform with a new grade level in Kínder,First Steps”, where we welcome the youngest members of the family.

“First Steps” is a place in which children aged 12-18 months will come in contact with just the right environment in order to stimulate the development of their physical, cognitive and emotional abilities with the same love and care that they would find at home.

Our little students will be under the care of a trained professional as well as a nurse, both of which are trained to implement the program that is designed to exploit this very sensitive period, an age in which children are naturally keen to develop the skills that lay the foundation for their future development.

The program includes activities such as:

Psychomotor Skills

Linguistics intelligence/ Language development

Sensory integration and development

Sensibility to the English language

Musical stimulation

Development of creativity

Story Telling


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We also have the Discovery Center ( for children aged 1 ½ to 2 ½ ).

The Discovery Center aims to stimulate different areas of development from a very early age encouraging multiple intelligences; which in turn brings great benefits to their maturity, self-assurance and development.

We foster an atmosphere of warmth and harmony in order to achieve learning in the most effective way: discovering.

The Discovery program is supported by Eduspark , program solely endorsed by the University of Texas.


Kinder 1K, 2K y 3K

Kinder at the Liceo de Monterrey is aimed at girls aged 3 years 6 months to 6 years 5 months. During this stage play and socialization skills are our main focus. Among the objectives we seek to develop is the constant development of the children’s creative abilities through play. We also aim to develop the capacity of expression and communication through different languages, verbal and nonverbal: movement, music, visual expression; and encourage continuous corporal and motor skill development.

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