Extracurricular ActivitiesExtracurricular activities

Difuison deportiva

Sports Outreach


The athletic department program for our schools teams is focused on:


  • Helping our students develop the attitudes, habits, and values that strengthen them to become better athletes and students.
  • Developing our students’ physical, mental and spiritual health by enriching their academic activity with sports, thus allowing our students to perform better in both their academic and social environments.
  • Boosting a sport culture that is inspired in catholic values, where experience is as important as results, where commitment, loyalty, teamwork, respect and competitiveness standout thus uniting classmates and family to share in sport activities and events.
  • Contributing to better our athletes life, through constant practice, being this a key piece necessary for us all.


difusion cultrual3

Cultural Outreach 

Liceo de Monterrey offers a wide range of extracurricular activities that promote the comprehensive development of the students awakening their interests in fine arts: paint, dance, music and theater. The extracurricular activities’ responds to the need to complement the students´ comprehensive formation, therefore, it offers the opportunity to complement their profile through the natural inclination for beauty.

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